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Volunteer Appreciation Dance Party

This Saturday's volunteer appreciation party was reflective of every aspect of SideWalk: there were serious conversations about resources and obstacles, there was a lot of laughter, and there was a dance party. When the three staff spoke to the group we were reflective of ourselves -- Jill thanked the band and everyone for coming, Phil had statistics at the ready to recognize volunteer impact, and I told stories.

Desdra's Story

Editorial note: The population SideWalk serves, homeless adults, represents 2/3 of the homeless population in our area. There are a lot of stories, and today one our clients is going to tell hers. Desdra is a recipient of rapid rehousing assistance who wrote her story for the SideWalk blog and is interested in volunteering and giving back every where she can. If you wold like to support the rapid rehousing program, please go to and click "donate". Thank you for your support!

News and Updates- Find Important Info Here

Welcome to Summer! Things have been very, very busy as usual and there is a lot to report. LOTS of important information below. Please let us know if you have questions.

Training Dates!

The fall volunteer and advocacy training will begin October 1, and will be Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for the first week --advocacy training will continue on Mondays and Wednesday afternoons through the first week in November.

No More than We Can Handle on May Day

It was a tough day at SideWalk today, one where we had to call 911 and have a client taken to the hospital. In those moments, I am so grateful for the directed serenity of 911 operators -- their instructions keep you grounded and on task with the ABC's of first aid and emergency. Our volunteers acted swiftly and professionally and with great care. The client is being taken care of, and so far we think she'll be ok. What was most amazing in my eyes was watching as paramedics asked her if there was someone she wanted to talk to about what she wanted to do - she asked for her advocate.

Phil's Birthday Wish!

Life is no brief candle: Happy Birthday to Phil!

Give Phil a gift: go to and click "donate" today.

Phil Owen. Program Director at SideWalk, live in volunteer at Bread and Roses, devoted husband. If you were giving him a birthday toast, what would you say about the man who is so committed to our community? When Phil gives talks, listeners walk away inspired, committed, and strong. They leave knowing and understanding that their presence can make a real impact on our community, on each other, and in the effort to end homelessness. They leave with purpose.

Keep the Magic a Secret But Promote the Love

"You said, 'They’re harmless dreamers and they’re loved by the people.' 'What,' I asked you, 'is harmless about a dreamer, and what,' I asked you, 'is harmless about the love of the people? Revolution only needs good dreamers who remember their dreams." — Tennessee Williams


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